Don’t forget Valentine’s Day!

Every year on February 14, lovers all over the world celebrate their romance and give each other cards, flowers and gifts. There’s no way to forget that day, is there? There are reminders all over the internet, shops, and TV.

Valentine apart

Many couples don’t get to spend Valentine’s Day together, some travel for business, some live apart due to jobs or schools in different locations, and others may have just met and fallen in love and may not even live in the same city or country. There are many different relationships and love stories!

How to celebrate your love when you’re apart: Send a card

It’s essential to pay special attention to your loved one when you’re not seeing each other often. Sending an email or a text is a quick and easy thing to do every day, but on Valentine’s day this is not enough! On this special day your beloved deserves more, so send a beautiful card a few days before to arrive at or before Valentines. Don’t be late!

Flowers are always the right thing whether together or not

Sending flowers would be another great way of expressing your feelings, there are several online flower shops that will make this process easy. We have been very pleased with the Bouqs Co for their eco-friendly, sustainable and farm fresh flowers, and for flower gifts in Europe we have loved Euroflorist with fast delivery by local florists.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that Amazon also offers flower deliveries, which can be an easy solution for anyone with an Amazon Prime membership.

If flowers are not your thing, but chocolate and teddy bears are, then there are ways of sending this to your love as well! Belgian chocolate covered strawberries are a sure hit, they are sent expressly, cooled by an icepack for freshness.

Useful and purposeful gifts are also romantic!

There’s no reason why we can’t think practically about Valentine’s, it’s also an opportunity to get your loved one something he or she really needs or really wants! Add a splash of red, a balloon and a heart, and voila, Valentines it is!

What about some beautiful and unusual smart luggage? It’s all the vogue with techie details and modern features now, and as such we love the Barracuda carry-on for its extremely well designed suitcase.

Get it in red!

For her, a jewelry travel bag might be just what she needs. It’s great to be able to bring beautiful accessories and also have it all well organized and not taking up a lot of space.

For him, a well-made and space saving toiletry bag could be a welcome addition or a timely renewal! When was the last time he got a new toiletry organizer?

A gift from the heart!

A romantic gift doesn’t need to be expensive to be appreciated. The important thing is to feel loved and remembered.

Books about love

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a real book in your hands, and your better half might love this fill-in-the-blanks journal!

Or go one step further with “a steamy Why-you’re-so-hot” book!

There’s a reason this cute book is a well-loved classic; “Guess how much I love you”. It’s a children’s book, and expresses love so well that it can also be a beautiful and simple gesture of love between adults!

So what shall I do for my beloved this year?

After all, you don’t want to just repeat last year’s Valentine’s – let’s keep the relationship exciting and romantic!

Of course, there are certain things that will always be appreciated and that never get old; you guessed it, diamonds!

The main thing though, is to focus on your relationship and your significant other, so bring out that chilled champagne and celebrate your romance.

Valentine travel

Valentine’s Day is on February 14. This is not always a good time of year for people to travel for pleasure, but it is actually a very good time of the year to start planning your next trip in spring or summer time. You will find better deals and prices 2-3 months before your planned trip.

Valentine’s Day (or Weekend, as you wish!) can be a dream date… snuggle up together with your computers (or connect on FaceTime if you’re apart) and start weaving dreams and plans together for your next vacation! It’s always fun to make plans and look forward to the next adventure, whether it’s a romantic trip to Aruba or an active family vacation.

Let’s postpone Valentine!

Or, maybe you should celebrate Valentine’s early this year? Whenever Valentine’s Day doesn’t fall on a weekend, it’s not always possible to celebrate with your loved one on a weekday. There are still many lovely little things you can do for each other to make the day special, and your partner feel appreciated and loved.

Agree on what day you will chose for your own special Valentine celebration

Great ideas for a weekday Valentine when you’re too busy to go out:

  • Prepare breakfast the day before so you’ll have a cozy, quiet time together
  • Write the Valentine card the day before so you can give it to your loved one when you wake up or at breakfast
  • Add a surprise love-note in your partner’s lunchbox or bag
  • During the day, send a text or email with a love declaration!
  • Order flowers delivered, or buy them on your way home

Planning to propose on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is probably one of the most popular days in the year to propose!

The next most popular thing is to find a wedding registry 😉 A convenient place to start is on Amazon, where you can put together your wish list and share it with the people in your life.